Paan Cake

Paan cake is a unique and unconventional type of cake that incorporates the flavors of paan, which is a traditional Indian after-meal mouth freshener made from betel leaf. Paan is typically made by stuffing the leaf with a mixture of fillings such as chopped nuts, spices, and sweeteners. The cake is made by incorporating paan flavorings and ingredients into the batter and flavored with ingredients such as betel leaf extract, gulkand (a sweet preserve made from rose petals), and various nuts and spices. The finished cake has a unique, exotic and complex flavor profile that can be quite different from traditional Western cakes.

Note: The final design of the signature cakes are decided by us and it may vary from the picture shown and cannot be customized.
Serving Size

3 Layer:

  • 6" round - 10-12 people
  • 8" round - 22-24 people
  • 10" round - 40-45 people
  • Qtr Sheet - 50-55 people

2 Layer:

  • 6" round - 6-8 people
  • 8" round - 18-20 people
  • 10" round - 33-35 people
  • Qtr Sheet - 43-45 people
3 Layer vs 2 Layer

A 3-layer cake has three layers of sponge cake, with two layers of filling in between. This type of cake is taller than a 2-layer cake and can have a more impressive visual appearance. It also allows for more filling options and offer more complex flavors. A 2-layer cake, on the other hand, typically has two layers of sponge cake with one layer of filling in between.