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CakeBakeYum is a brand that specializes in crafting irresistibly tasty, egg free cakes.
Each cake is a masterpiece infused with a burst of flavors.



Get ready for eggless jarcakes that will
make your taste buds dance with joy!

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Paan, Black Forest, Strawberry Jar Cakes are the part of our summer collection.

Cupcake Delight!
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Explore the Joy of Eggless Cupcakes:
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Baklava Cheese Cake!

Experience our new addition of Baklava Cheese Cakes
at your favorite Bakery.

New York Cheese Cake!

Experience our new addition of New York Cheese Cakes
at your favorite Bakery.


Discover commonly asked questions and in-depth answers in our FAQs section.

Are Eggless Cakes Tasty?

Eggless cakes are a delectable and flavorful choice for all dessert lovers. Despite the absence of eggs, they boast a rich and moist texture, often complemented by a wide range of delicious flavors and toppings. Whether you have dietary restrictions or simply enjoy exploring new culinary horizons, eggless cakes promise a mouthwatering treat that never sacrifices taste.

Does CakeBakeYum use fresh ingredients?

CakeBakeYum is all about creating scrumptious eggless cakes with a commitment to freshness. Our dedication to quality begins with the choice of the finest, freshest ingredients. From luscious fruits to premium chocolates, we source our components carefully to ensure each bite bursts with flavor. Our passion for baking, combined with the use of wholesome ingredients, results in delectable eggless cakes that are a joy to savor. Taste the difference, and let CakeBakeYum redefine your expectations of eggless desserts.

Does Jar Cakes tastes like regular Cakes?

Jar cakes deliver the delightful flavors of regular cakes in a unique, portable package. Despite their distinct presentation, they retain the same delicious taste, ensuring a familiar and tasty dessert experience.