What kind of frosting does CakeBakeYum use?

We use fresh whipped cream along with traditional made buttercream using real butter.   

What is difference between 3 Layer vs 2 Layer Cake?

A 3 layer cake has three layers of cake and two layers of filling, while a 2 layer cake has two layers of cake and one layer of filling. The number of layers in a cake can affect its appearance, texture, and taste. A 3 layer cake will be taller and more impressive in terms of presentation. Approximately a 3 layer cake will be around 3 to 4 inches in height. While a 2 layer cake will be around 2 inches in height.

Do I have to collect my order in person?

No. You can have someone collect it on your behalf, but please give them your order form, or name and the order number. We advise you to ask the person collecting to send you a quick picture of the cake by phone message, to make sure you are happy with what you ordered.


Are your cakes suitable for people with nut allergies?

Many of our cakes contain Nuts. Please check the ingredients of individual cake.


My party has been cancelled. If I cancel my cake order, will I get my money back?

Possibly. If you have a genuine, and unfortunate reason to cancel your order for which a deposit has been paid, we may be able to give you a refund, provided we have not made the cake. Check our returns page.


If you haven't found the answer you're looking for send us enquiry from our contact page.